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About Me

Hi! My name is Tabris-Kun, and this is my little pocket of the internet! I had the idea for this website while websurfing through Neocities and noticing the lack of content surrounding the things I liked- Jhorror, old net aesthetics, and ridiculously edgy guro anime. I hope you enjoy looking around, and maybe sign my guestbook before you go. Have a nice day!


Hey gang, its been a while, yet again. due to my brain having the attention span of a goldfish, i tend to forget that this site exists. It seems that i'm still getting a couple of visitors per day, which is gnarly. In recent news, I start college in about a week which is fucking terrifying cause i have no idea what im doing. I've been trying to emotionally prepare myself but i dont think im ready. Anyways, im rewatching future diary, and remembered this little app that i used to have around the time that i initially watched it back in 2015 or so. It gives you little future updates and junk, which are really weird and ominous so it's kinda funny to fuck with people with. I honestly forgot how much i love the show because i havent watched it in litterally half a decade ww. Thats all from me for now. Stay safe, and thank you for visiting~

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Ecifircas - Sewerslvt


Oh my god, happy holidays. I told myself that i'd be updating this site more often but i just graduated and am going to college, so things got a little bit out of hand www. I saw some really cool packard bell monitors and towers at my local tip, so im considering going back to pick them up. Considering that i may not be able to get the towers to work, ill probably just link up my laptop to a monitor. considering the os on my laptop is relatively outdated, it should look and operate fine. anyways, I hope everyone is having a good year so far, and has a good new year too. Thank you for visiting!!

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PARTY NIGHT - Di Gi Charat


Happy Halloween! Schools started again, so I haven't really had a chance to work on this. Its kinda stressful but thats to be expected I suppose. I don't know If ill get back to this for a while, though.

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all i want is you - Rebzyyx

It's been a few days, and now I have a better grasp on things. This obviously looks better than the first version of this site, but there is still a lot of work to be done. I need to implement some shrines, which is probably going to take a while, but the rest of the site is working quite well.

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Teto Territory - Kasane Teto


After hours of hard work, here it is! the first itteration of my website. It's a bit bare-bones right now, but i'm pretty satisfied with how it looks. I only started learning how to use html a few days ago, so it isn't the fanciest thing ever. I'm working on getting all the tabs leading to the right things, formating, and heaps of other junk. Quarrentine has really given me a lot of time to do something somewhat productive, and i've really enjoyed digging through sites and guides for information on how to code. This will obviously get better after time, but its a start.

shoutout to the awesomest person in the world, eve ^///^